Signs That You Are in The Friend Zone

So you are dating a woman of beauty. You like this girl very much and she is showing some promising indicators of interests. However, you want to know if this is going somewhere. You want to know if she sees you as her lover or a just a friend. This is the girl that you have been looking for and you want her to become your girlfriend. Her smile makes your day and her kindness is killing you softly. You dated this girl for several months now but she is still not given you the loving that you deserve. It makes you wonder if you are stuck in the friend zone. You have heard about it. The dreaded friend zone is where you don’t want to go. Several men went there and escaping the friend zone is unheard of.

The possibility of going to the friend zone gives you the chills. Just the thought of it makes you shudder. You don’t want your efforts in pleasing the girl to be put to waste. When the girl sees you as a friend, it is hard to turn her into your girlfriend. You can play along and wear your heart out or you can just escape the friend zone before you will incur more losses. I understand that this is a tough choice. However, I want you to remember that you are an alpha male. You have several options. Allowing just one girl to ruin your life is counterproductive.

Forget the Friend Zone

Forget the Friend Zone

What I can do for you is to present the signs of being in the friend zone. Whether you continue to pursue the girl of your dreams or not, is your call. Here are the indicators that you are in the friend zone:

  1. She does not flirt with you. Part of attracting and seducing women is flirting. If she is not flirting back, it might mean that she is not interested with you or she is just shy. Either way, it is not so promising. When you flirt with someone, you are giving her a message that you are interested in being more than just friends.
  2. She does not welcome your sensual touching. Have you noticed a woman who brushes off your sensual touch? This could only mean that she is not ready to be attracted and seduced by you. Touching is important in escalating the sexual tension between the two of you. If she does not open herself to you, this could only mean that she is not attracted enough to you in order for her to become your girlfriend.
  3. She keeps on demanding you to do some tasks for her. Women have this habit of subjugating men. Since she already knows what you are after, what is holding her back in playing with you? She will treat you like a rabbit going after a carrot at the end of the pole. She will dominate men because of their lust for her. She wants some minions to do the chores for her. She will boss men around and most men will gladly comply because of the indicated reward. However, there is no assurance that she will give it to them.
  4. She tells you about her problems with her boyfriend. Have you ever played a role of a psychologist in a girl’s life? If you do, then you might be in the friend zone without even realizing it. Most men willingly play the role of a crying shoulder in order to embed the woman. However, this sneaky tactic seldom works.
  5. She does not seek to impress you. If the girl likes you, she will only present her best side to you. To the point of hurting herself in the process. She wants you to think of her as a princess or a superwoman of which she is not.
  6. She ignores you. If the woman has placed you in the friend zone, she will treat you as if you don’t exist. She does not recognize you as another human being who deserves dignity and respect. She will often times ignore your texts, calls and ultimately you!
  7. She does not want to present you to her family and friends. If the woman does not see you as a boyfriend material, she will be ashamed to be with you during family gatherings. She does not want to be associated with you in any way. This could only mean that she does not believe in you. If she does not want to be associated with you then you don’t want to be associated with her either.
  8. She makes fun of you. If the girl doesn’t like you, she will not care of what you feel. There are some cases, that they may not recognize you as another human being who deserves some respect and loving. If the girl that you like treats you with contempt, you have every right to leave and forget your interest in her. As an alpha male, you should remember not to give your dignity to any girl.
  9. She continuously flakes you off. Have you dated a girl who keeps on cancelling the appointed rendezvous? To your surprise, she always comes up with a good reason not to go on a date with you. This is just implying that she is not interested in you so you have every reason to stay out of the friend zone and find another potential candidate for a romantic relationship.
  10. She continuously dates other men. This is a very in your face message for a woman that you are in her friend zone. Have you ever experienced this? If you do, then it only means that being casted into the friend zone is final. She will continuously date and have sex with other men but she will run to you when her beloved bad boy broke her heart. Consequently, she will fall for another bad boy and the cycle will go on and on. Not unless you will do something about it.

If you notice two or more of this signs, there is a possibility that you are already in the friend zone but you did not realize it yet! She may flirt with you from time to time in order to keep your interest in her but don’t fall for it. You should avoid this kind of women like a plague because this girl is not looking for a romantic lover but minions. There are some women who like to feed their ego by subjugating men. These unfortunate men will do their bidding in the hope of getting laid by them. They are expecting the women to reciprocate their kindness with the long awaited sex. However, manipulative women seldom give back.

If by any chance you have confirmed that you are in the friend zone, be man enough to accept your current situation and move on. It would be much better for you to be hurt now than to be hurt even more in the future. Romantic relationship is supposed to be fun, fulfilling and enjoyable. If she is not giving you the loving that you deserve, you can avoid the friend zone and seduce multiple women. Life is short so make most out of it!



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